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Chrome Part 1 - No Selenium, no debug mode

Looking for a way to easily get AHK to work with chrome? Try this Chrome EXT with AHK


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Chrome Part 2 - Button press and form filling

In this video I show you how to press a button on in chrome and how to auto fill out a form with predetermined info


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Chrome Part 3- Control Chrome With Invisible DevTool Window and Custom Menus

Lets Take a look at another way to use AHK with chrome by making our own custom context menus and sending JavaScript to the devtool window


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Chrome Part 4 - Simplest Way With Out Admin Rights or Installing Anything

Maybe not the greatest way to work with AHK and Chrome but for many this could be the only way to make this happen so I wanted to throw this out there for you all.


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Opening Multiple tabs and close them (Firefox and other browsers also)

how to open one or more sites in chrome. This can be used for Firefox or any other browser you use. Next you may want to close a specific tab,cycle your tabs looking for the tabs name you wish to close.


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Selenium Part 1 - How To Install and Fill Text Input Box (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

Here we take a quick look at how to install Selenium and run our first simple commands in AHK


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Selenium Part 2 - Grab Info From Browser and load user info (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge)

Lets check out how to use Selenium to grab info from a website. Also a quick view how to load your log in info from normal chrome


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 IE Automating 1 - Using AHK COMs in Internet Explorer

Here we look at using COMs to automate IE. How to navigate, Click and fill out a text box


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 Cycle Chrome Tabs to Find by Name

Lets see how we can cycle Chrome tabs to find the one we are looking for and finish up by returning to the OG window. 


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