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GUIs and INI Files

 Basic GUI with Smart GUI Creator

how to make a simple GUI the easy way.


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Basic GUI Part 2 - Features

 I show you some more.


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Basic Gui - 3 clickable pictures

I show you how to make clickable pictures in a GUI. Example is a color picker 


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Basic GUI 4 - save GUI coordinates and GuiControl (update gui text)

n this fourth GUI installment ill show you how to save the coordinates of a moved GUI along with updating text live in a GUI (example is a timer) 


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Basic GUI 5 - Transparent GUIs and Context Menu

Add tranpernt backgrounds to GUIs for Also how to create contect menus for your tray icon. This is helpful when you have a lot of hotkeys, now you can have access to everything in your script with a single hotkey drop down menu!


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GUI 6 - Pretty GUIs, Backgrounds/Border, and Button Pictures

Lets make our GUIs look a little better using pictures.


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Creating A GUI Survey Then Drawing A Winner

Lets create a survey using a GUI (input box if you want) then once the survey time is over you can have it randomly draw a winner.


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INI Files 1- Intro to variable storing

 How to use INI files to store date and call upon it later.


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 INI Files 2 - Saving settings, loops, User check

How to use ini files to store settings for your GUI along with checking if a user is authorized to be using your script.


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INI Files 3 - Collecting user data and auto creating emails

How to collect data from users and save that data in INI format. As a bonus get to see how to auto generated an email the easy way If you are not sure how to use COMS in AHK this could be great for you.


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AutoHotkey INI Files 4 - Store to script vs INI File

Take a quick dive into how to INIWrite to an AHK script vs INI File.


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GUI 7 - Text Overlay On Another Program

Here we take a look at how to make an invisible GUI so all we see is text over top of another program. Great for making todo list over video games.


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INI Files 5 - Auto Update Script to Newest Version On All Work Computers

Lets use an INI file to force a script to update to the most current version at work.  


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