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Auto Mining Minecraft with lava detecting

Lets look at how to auto mine in minecraft and make sure you dont fall in to that hot hot lava


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Control PlayStation 4. Remote Play and Minecraft.

I will show you how to use AHK with PS4 remote play using Minecraft and the code is auto mining for me!


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Mod Box 

Mod Box - Arcade Buttons working with AHK. IPAC-2


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Most Common Gaming Script Commands

Here are some of the most common commands I see people using in gaming scripts


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Valheim Part 1 - Auto Skills Leveling Up

Valheim is a super awesome steam game but sometimes I want to automate some of the stuff so I can focus on the cool stuff. 


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Valheim Part 2 - Auto Run Q , Chop and Re Gear After Death/Ready for Battle

Lets take a look how to Auto run with Q, Chop wood or auto fire with out clicking over and over and over again, and Re gear easier after a death or just getting ready for battle with cool little GUI.

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Valheim Part 3 - Sandbox/Creative Mode/Cheat Program - Auto Item Spawning / Commands

Want to play Valhein in sandbox / creative mode style? check this out


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Most Common Gaming Questions (Toggle, Rapid click, Timers, Get Key Name, and More)

Here we will take a look at some of the most asked questions for game scripts. 


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Valheim Part 4 - Auto Cook and Auto Coal Farm

Lets take a look out how to automate cooking at the firepit and auto farm coal in the furnace then place it in a chest for later use. . 


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AutoHotkey Roblox - Automating Game Play (Jump, Run, Click) keyboard press's

Here we play DIMENSION 5 Anime Fighting Simulator. We will automate our leveling up of agility, sword, and speed.


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Fortnite - Faster Building With Single Key

Gave a go at making Fortnite wall building faster.


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