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AI / Artificial intelligence 1 Intro using AHK

F IF IF IF Else Well that's really all AI is. A lot of people hear AI and think it is going to be crazy complex, But it doesn't have to be!


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common issues 1 fix's break loop outside ,button stuck down, Script closes

-breaking a loop outside a loop = start -button stuck down = 2:10 Script not working every other time since button gets stuck down and not released -script closing after running = 3:30 Script run then closes right away when not hotkey is present


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Common issues 2 - Send triggers hotkey, Reopen GUI error, Game code wont work/Get banned?

s your send command triggering another hotkey in your script? Error when reopening a GUI for a second time? Script not letting you launch your game or not running in game? Can I get banned using scripts in gaming? If you said yes to any of those this may be a video that can help with some of those pesky problems.


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Sending emails and text with ahk in the background

With this script you are able to send emails and text in the background with out the need to have your email or browser open.


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AI / Artificial intelligence 2 Intro using AHK to Weight options with percent chances

Here in part two of AI in AHK we look at how to weigh words to help with different words being spelled wrong then makes its best guess on what the email sender maybe really meant. I did have to change the code to upload since YouTube doesn't allow curved brackets so I just did this instead IfGreaterOrEqual, AIguess , 4


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Excel - Grabbing data from excel with AHK

Here we will look at three ways to gather data from an excel file. And best part is you dont even have to have excel open to grab data.


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How To Use a Barcode Scanner / Card Reader With AHK

Have a barcode scanner or card reader laying around or maybe need one for work? Well now you can see how to use them with AHK!


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 Zoom API and Teams Part 1

Mute/Unmute, Mute All but Host, Find name, Toggle Blur, Screen Shot, Pause Screen Share and grab info from zoom.


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Radial Menu v4 How To

Quick look at how to use and customize Radial Menu version 4


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Drag and Drop Block Coding. Visual Coding Intro

Cool site I found that lets you do some basic coding with puzzle blocks then download the code. Seems to be a work in progress but will update if I notice any big changes to the site.


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 Getting Coding Help On Reddit

Lets take a look on how you should be posting on reddit when looking for coding help from others.


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Pranks - Play Some Fun Little Jokes With AHK

Use these at your own risk of someone getting back at you! Lets take a look at a few ways to play some pranks on friends using some simple ahk code. 


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Intro To Free Power Automate Desktop From Microsoft (Automate Chrome Windows 10)

Now that this is free lets take a look at making our first MS PAD flow by automating Chrome.


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AutoHotkey OCR - Optical Character Recognition, Get Text From A Picture

Using capture2text along with AHK is a great way to grab text you normally cant highlight and put it into the clipboard


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Alexa and Nest - Use Amazon Echo or Google Nest to Trigger Scripts Remotely

Using Trigger common will let us use any Alexa device to run a script and preform any action ahk can do on the computers. Was surprised how easy this way. 


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Code Skipping - Stop Your Code Mid Running With Out Reload / Inject Command During Run.

This is an easy way to interrupt your code or inject a function while other code is running using a key press. 


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AutoHotkey Password - Hide a Window Then Unhide With a Password

Lets say you dont want to lock your computer but instead only hide a window. Then you can only unhide it with a password or your choice.


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Make Scripts Seem More Human (Chat Bots, Gaming Scripts, AI)

Let try to make our automation scripts seem more like a human is preforming the task and not AI


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 Motivation With AHK - Random Events

Lets use AHK to make a motivation tool that will display random events during current times of the day and as long as your active at your computer.


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Better Clipboard (Store More Info) and Templates

Lots of times I need to copy lots of data from one program to another and hate all the back and forth. Here I make control c have a context and able to save 5 strings and yes I know windows has this built in with win-v but I like this way better with scripts 


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MS-Settings URI Commands to Open Specific Settings in Windows 10

Lets run ms settings to change settings or open programs with URI Commands 


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