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Destiny 2

- AutoHotKey works with Destiny 2.

- Destiny 2 only accepts inputs if the window is active (The game ignores any input until it is back in focus).

- Destiny 2 has suspended accounts for AFK scripts.

- Destiny 2 uses the "Battleye" Anti-Cheat.

Diablo 3

  • Likes a small sleep between up/down events

  • Use windowed mode

  • Does pretty good with rapid keypresses


  • Very Limted on what you can do

  • Is aginst there TOS so could be banned. (they do have bots if you run your own server)


  • Single key maps are ok

  • more than that will get account banned

Elden Ring

  • Works very well with send commands but not need any sleeps for script.

  • Works fine in window mode and full screen unlike most games!

Final Fantasy XI

  • Generally needs #UseHook

  • Windows 10 user need to start script in administrator mode enabled as the game need to be in administrator mode as well to run.


  • Works fine in single player but multi can get you banned but seems rare

  • Will not work when running from a macro creator

Guild wars 2

  • Works Well

  • Allowed for playing music in the game or for some non-gameplay related things

  • Gameplay is restricted to one-key press per action

  • Official policy here: https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013762153-Policy-Macros-and-Macro-Use

League of Legends

  • Likes a sleep between up/down events

  • Use windowed mode

Maple Story

- No bans reported.


  • Works well

  • pixel and image search very poor as blocks randomize particles

  • Bans come from server host so up to them

  • Contral send works but need to add SetKeyDelay, 0, 50 at the start of the script.

Path of Exile

  • Requires a delay between moving the mouse and doing the actual click, otherwise it will click at current position then move the mouse to the coordinates.


  • Works well but sleeps are needed between sends and clicks. sleep 250 seems to work fine. No reports of banning for automating button press

  • Can be banned for creating chat spamming bots.

  • Contralsend or Contralclicks will not work. Game needs to be active window


  • Works well on most tried so far. Have to use sends/sleeps mostly. A Small sleep between each send is recommend (only need like 100ms)

South Park: The Stick of Truth:

  • Requires regular reinstatements of #UseHook

  • This game regularly overrides key hooks causing working scripts to stop working until reloaded


  • Works well as long in you are in window mode

  • Known for banning AHK so need to complie script 


  • Works well. Some sends may need a small sleep between each one

  • Bans come from server host so up to them.


  • Works well

  • Known for banning people using AHK best to compile.

War Frame

- 1 for 1 remapping is ok per TOS

- Can get banned for AHK scripts out side of 1 for 1 remaps


  • It works pretty well. Usually combine it with Bluestacks own macro recorder. Pixel search is difficult as colors are somewhat dynamic/changing. It is almost entirely mouse moves and clicks.

World of Warcraft

  • Works well but very big on banning.

  • Most peoples accounts will get banned with in a month or two and they will not unban you.

  • The AI is one of the best in looking for automating scripts.

Will Not Work With AHK

  • Wolfenstein: The New Order